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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bill Clinton's Legacy

First the URL, since I'm still trying to figure out how to do links:

Newsmax Headline: "China Names Condom For Bill Clinton"

The Guangzhou Haokian Bio-science company "is honoring ex-president Bill Clinton by naming a new line of condoms after him - along with a companion line of condoms that will be named after his ex-girlfriend, Monica Lewinsky." Ah, Bill and Monica, together again at last.

A 12-pack of Clintons is expected to cost $5.00, with Lewinskys selling at a discounted price of just over $3.00. 12 packs?! Those Chinese must be living that old Mary Chapin Carpenter song: "I Feel Lucky Tonight." And Lewinskys (I'm not going there) being discounted to three bucks? Well, everybody said she was a cheap date. Who knew?

"The manufacturer's general manager, Liu Wenhua, told Sky News that naming his condoms for Clinton was perfectly legal, explaining that "trademarks of two foreign surnames and can't be seen as a violation of rights"" All I want to know is if they come in ribbed or unribbed varieties.

"Clinton is the only U.S. president to be honored with his own condom brand line." Gee, I wonder why.

"New York Sen. Hillary Clinton was unavailable to comment on her husband's latest achievement." Wanna bet?

Update: Where are my manners? h/t to Rightwingsparkle and Jill, one of her commenters. Don't know what blog Jill first read about it at. Sorry.