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Friday, September 09, 2005

Enough Already!

You know, I'm getting really, really tired of this. Every time something goes wrong in this country, it must be George Bush's fault.

9/11 attacks? Bush ignored the intelligence.
Never mind that it was Jamie Gorelick, a Clinton appointee at DoD and later at the Justice Department who made it impossible for the military to share intelligence with the FBI.

No W.M.D. in Iraq? Bush doctored the intelligence so that he could get cheap oil and give Haliburton a bunch of no-bid contracts.
Never mind that it was George Tenant, the Clinton-appointed CIA director, who said W.M.D. in Iraq were a "slam dunk."

The economic recovery from the bursting of the dot-com bubble and the 9/11 attacks? It's a jobless recovery because Bush cut taxes for all his rich friends.
Which I guess is why unemployment is down to five percent the last I heard.

The leevee failures in New Orleans? Bush cut funding to projects to strengthen the leevees.
No, Congress cut funding for a study on how to strengthen the leevees. A project that wouldn't have started for years or been done for decades. And if the Louisiana congressional delegation was so worried about those leevees, than why didn't they demand that some of the 1.9 billion dollars in pork that they secured for the Army Corp of Engineers since Bush become president (More than any other state over that time, and more than they got during the last five years of the Clinton Administration) be diverted to strengthening those leevees? Oh,wait. Some of it was. And those were the leeves that failed.

The slow response of the relief efforts? Bush didn't care about the people trapped in New Orleans because they were mostly poor and black and Bush is a racist who hates poor people.
If that's true, then why haven't we heard the same complaints from Mississipi? There are just as many poor and/or black people in Gulfport and Biloxi as there are in New Orleans and we aren't hearing about them being abandoned. Could it just be that Haley Barbour has his act together and Kathleen Blanco doesn't?

The Lindbergh baby kidnapping and the heartbreak of psoriasis? We don't know how yet, but they're Bush's fault too.

Now I've got my fair share of complaints with the Bush administration. The huge budget deficits. The less-than-stellar planning for the post-war pacification and rebuilding of Iraq. And especially the laissez-faire attitude toward securing our borders. But to hear the left tell it, everything that's wrong in Iraq, with the economy and with the response to Katrina is Bush's fault because he's either a) a dimwit puppet of of that eeeeevil mastermind, Darth Rove, or b) he's Chimpy McHitler Bushco Shrub (take your choice of epithets) and an eeeeeevil mastermind himself.

Maybe there's a grain of truth in the left's shrill rantings. I strongly doubt it, but all things are possible. But until the left at least decides whether Bush is the consumate, evil, mastermind politician or a moronic puppet, I do wish they'd ratchet down the rhetoric and tell us how they would do things differently and better. The only thing the rest of us are getting out of this "debate" is a headache.