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Monday, October 31, 2005

Of Gypsies, Swine And fatmen

I recently ran into a commenter at the blog Capitalist Pig vs. Socialist Swine who calls herself sb gypsy. She took exception to a comment I had made about preferring our chances of dealing with Saddam Hussein militarily rather diplomatically. That, in turn, had been in to response to a post by socialist swine concerning pre-war diplomatic efforts to get Saddam to relinquish power and go into exile. (Reuters story at Yahoo! News) With two minor editing changes (see if you can spot them), this was my reply:

sb gypsy said:

"Sorry, I don't like our chances this way. That poor country is going to be experiencing war for many, many years because of what Bushco did,"

As opposed to experiencing the wars Saddam started by invading his neighbors and attacking the Kurds with chemical weapons.

"and the world will end up with all that oil controlled by theocrats."

I thought a sizable portion of the Iraqi oil fields lay in Iraqi Kurdistan. They aren't theocrats, are they? And I somehow doubt that the Iraqi Shi'ites will be able to, or even try to, run roughshod over the forty percent of the country that isn't Shi'ite. Even with the help of the Iranians, which I suspect they won't get because a) they (the Iraqi Shi'ites) have engaged in and supported the democratic process so far, and b) the Iranians aren't Arabs, they're Persians. And yes, it does matter. To Iranians, anyway.

"Women could walk the streets with their faces warmed by the sun before we got there. Not so now(or in the forseeable future)."

As opposed to being thrown into an Iraqi prison and being beaten, raped and murdered in front of their husbands, fathers and brothers. To get those men to confess to crimes that they hadn't committed. And of course, for the pleasure and entertainment of Uday Hussein. And if all Iraqi women are being forced to wear veils, I haven't noticed it in the photographs I've seen. Indeed, wearing a veil was, I believe, "discouraged" by the Hussein regime as a sign of religious extremism.

"Children could walk to school without an armed guard before we got there, not so now."

Funny, but I thought that the level of violence in Iraq had dropped dramatically. And that the Iraqi Army and Iraqi police were doing a much better job of dealing with it themselves, with Coalition troops as backup, rather than standing around waiting for the Coalition troops to bail them out. But then I read things like

and what would he know?

"Bushco messed up. He cannot even begin to clean up his mess. He blew it."

No, the only "Bushco" who "blew it" is Bush the Elder, who had the chance to support the Shi'ites and the Kurds in 1991 as THEY took out Saddam. He didn't. Leaving Bush the Younger to clean up the mess.