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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Have A Question:

... just how much of the oil we use actually goes into our gas tanks?

Think about it for a minute. Sure, we use a lot of the oil we produce to power our cars, generate electicity and to heat our homes (thankfully, I don’t). But I’m willing to bet my last Social Security check that we use far more oil to make the plastics that have replaced wood, metal and glass in our buildings, the man-made fibers that have replaced wool, cotton and linen in our clothes and the plastics that we use for food containers, medical equipment and cooking utensils. Heck, the Australians replaced paper money with polypropylene money.

Now I’ll admit I don’t know just how much oil we use for for power generation (including cars) and how much we use for plastics, lubricants and who knows what else. But if we really want to get serious about reducing our dependence on oil, we’re going to have to start reducing–sharply–our dependence on plastics.

For a more comprehensive take on this subject, check out Jeff Harrell at The Shape of Days:

(Originally printed in the comments' section of an open thread--the very first ever!--at Decision '08 and linked to Wizbang's Carnival of the Trackbacks LXI.)