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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some Things You Just Can't Make Up II... this. From somewhere in France (my guess would be Paris; they don't call it "Gay Paree" (sic) for nothing). And this is supposed to convince heterosexuals that homosexuals are just like everyone else except that they run on Direct Current instead of Alternating Current.

Now I don't really care who you make nice to. Heck, my life's ambition is for a certain redheaded cutie and her titian (sometimes) haired friend to make a fatman sandwich out of me. Which I guess makes me a dirty old man as well as a sexist pig. But not under Kaufmann's clock at high noon. (An obscure [for non - yinzers] reference to a very famous Pittsburgh landmark where people used to meet because everybody knew where it was. Back when people still went downtown. *sigh*)

This isn't "gay pride". It isn't about demanding fair and equal treatment for homosexuals. It's (mostly) not even about partying hearty and having a good time. It's about seeing just how revolting and obnoxious you (the militant homosexual community) can get before us (fairly) straight types start complaining so you can accuse us of being homophobes and of repressing you and demanding the courts do something about it. Don't believe me? Let me ask you, would you want your son, daughter, niece, nephew, whatever to get anywhere near that? Would you want to live next door to that?

h/t to: Ace of Spades via Rightwingsparkle.