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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where Does It End?

Thursday afternoon, a baby was found in a toilet at Brighton High School in Boston Ma.

The story, which ran in the Friday Boston Herald, stated that the baby's age, race and sex couldn't be immediately determined because the child was jammed in the toilet, possibly after being flushed. The body was discovered by a janitor, who was working to clear the clogged toilet. The find comes three weeks after workers at a water treatment plant in Suffolk County discovered the severed arm of a baby. Both cases remain under investigation.

Now, according to the article, Massachusetts is one of forty-eight states that have passed a "Safe Haven" law, which allows mothers to drop off unwanted babies at hospitals, fire halls and police stations within seven days of the child's birth without fear of prosecution as long as the child hasn't been abused. And I'll bet I'm on pretty safe ground in saying Massachusetts probably has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation. So why did this poor baby end up jammed into a toilet?

Maybe it's because in the thirty-three years since Harry Blackmun found a non-existent right to privacy in the Constitution, we've pushed quality of life to the forefront over sanctity of life. We've managed to abort over forty million babies. The Supreme Court has put it's imprimatur on physician-assisted suicide in Oregon. Right after Terri Schiavo was put down by her husband in Florida, a woman in Georgia named Beth Gaddy decided that it was time for her grandmother, eighty-one year old Mae Magouirk, who had glaucoma and a serious but not necessarily terminal heart condition, to go home to Jesus. So she stuck her in a hospice and ordered that she be denied food and fluids. Never mind that her grandmother had a living will which stated that this should not be done unless she (Mrs. Magouirk) was terminally ill, comatose or in a persistent vegetative state. None of which she was. She eventually died after she was moved to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center by her nephew.

We've cheapened life. If a life is inconvenient (like a baby's) or we don't think it's worth living (like the enfeebled elderly or the sick) we end it. We encourage people to end their own lives if they feel it isn't worth living. In Switzerland an organization called Dignitas will help you kill yourself no matter why you want to do it. And the Dutch are euthanizing babies (only terminally ill ones--so far). Where does it end?

Hat tips to: Jay Tea & Paul at Wizbang; Jay Tea blogged on the story from Boston, while Paul blogged on the AP report on Dutch infanticide.

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