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Friday, July 07, 2006

Anybody Got A Rope?

From RealClearPolitics comes this by Ralph Peters, whose book "Never Quit the Fight" is due out July 10:

"Let's just hang those Marines accused in the Haditha incident. Get it over with. They don't need a court martial. They're guilty. The media already decided the case.

A few other Marines and soldiers are also accused of murder in Iraq. Save our tax dollars. Just hang them, too.

Forget the stresses of combat. Forget that war really is hell. Whatever you do, don't mention the atrocities committed by the terrorists or insurgents."

Read the rest of it.

h/t to: Right Equals Might, a far more prolific blogger, and a better man than I, who also posted this.

Update and another h/t to: Rightwingsparkle, one of my favorite bloggers, who started me on the link-fest that led me to Right Equals Might.