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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Rules" Of War

Update: I just thought of something that should have been included in the original post. So, like George Lucas, I'm going to go back and add it. The additions will be in italics.

A great many on the left complain that we aren't treating the prisoners that we're holding at Guantanomo Bay and elsewhere fairly or humanely. That we should abide by the Geneva Conventions in our treatment of them . Okay, let's look at that:

The "insurgents" frequentlly target civilians with their weapons (car bombs and the like), use civilians as human shields , and try to hide among civilians when they're not attacking Coalition troops (and civilians). In violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The "insurgents" torture, mutilate and murder most of those that they take prisoner, soldier and civilian alike. In violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The "insurgents" use schools, hospitals, mosques and private homes as hiding places, weapons and ammo storage depots and fire bases from which to attack Coalition troops and civilians. In violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The "insurgents" wear no uniforms which would identify them as combatants and belong to no standing army. In violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Thus, under the terms of the Geneva Conventions, Coalition troops would be perfectly within their rights to execute these "insurgents" whenever and wherever they capture them. Or simply not bother trying to take them prisoner in the first place.

Works for me.

There. All done!

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