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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Someone Stopped Taking Their Happy Pills

Updated and bumped to the top.

So I was surfing various blogs and came across this in a thread at Protein Wisdom:

"...The USA is a sick, diseased, cancer, blight on the earth. This is a fact. You guys are in denial about it and hate the fact that I’ve got the chutzpah to hang here and tell it like it is..."

The woman who left this comment uses the handle southwestpaw and has a blog of the same name. Her real name is Deborah (or Debra) Frisch, I believe she has a PhD (in what I neither know nor care), she writes really bad poetry such as can be found here and here and in her spare time she likes to fisk the Declaration of Independence. She also apparently believes that the death of Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone (D) in a plane crash 11 days before the 2002 mid-term elections was an assasination (linked to in this post; scroll down and click on "Rethuglicans"). And that there's something fishy about the crash of American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon on 9/11. In fact the only redeeming quality that she has (that I can find) is that she likes dogs.

Now I've got to admit, I'm not sure why I've written this post about her, or provided so many links to her blog. Nothing better to do maybe. A desire, perhaps, to see if exposure to sunlight will destroy her, like a vampire in a Hollywood flick. Or it could just be what I call Rubbernecker's Syndrome; the irresistible urge to slow down and look for blood and dead bodies as you're driving past a really bad automobile accident.

Maybe I'll go to her blog and ask her, if she truly believes the United States is "blight on the earth", why does she stay here? If I believed that, you couldn't get me to stay for love nor money. So why does she stay here? I'd really like to know.

Or not. Netflix just delivered Star Wars III.

Update: In the comments, Blake linked me to this at protein wisdom and the ensuing comments. This woman seriously needs help.

Update #2: Protein Wisdom is down because of a Denial of Service attack and has been for a couple of days. I doubt that "Dr." Frisch could do something like that herself. However one of her "admirers" might have (not necessarily at her request). We'll just have to wait and see.

Update #3: I still can't access Protein Wisdom with either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Other people say they can. Any suggestions? And don't bother telling me to clear my cache. That was one of the first things I tried.