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Monday, August 28, 2006

Learning From Hezbollah... least that's what realpolitik, posting this at Democrat(ic) Underground, thinks we should do.

In 2001, the Democratic Party was subjected to a terrorist attack by an as of yet uncaught terrorist, though evidence points to someone with access to military strains of Anthrax.

Assuming that no one in al Qaeda is working at fort dix, let us say that it is more likely that someone affiliated with the Neocons was responsible. If that can be proven true, it far outweighs the reichstag fire as an illegitamizing act of war on the part of the neocons, abrogating them to the status of a terrorist state...

There's a couple of flaws in the reasoning here. First, if the "neo-cons" (read Joooooos) had been attempting to set up the modern day equivalent of the Reichstag fire, they wouldn't have sent the anthrax to a liberal Democrat like Daschle. They would have sent it to a conservative, with the idea being to convince everyone that the terrorists were so afraid of the conservatives in our government that they'd try to assassinate them. Second, as realpolitik noted, no one has ever been arrested for the anthrax mailings. If this were a neo-con plot, you can bet your last dollar that some "progressive" scapegoat would have been found.

After some boiler plate about how Hezbollah came to dominate southern Lebanon, realpolitik gets to the meat of it:

...In light of the unilateral, extralegal, state terrorist actors in all three branches of government, what can we as Democrats do?We can learn from the sucessful insurgents.

So what can we learn from the Hezbullah.

Oh this oughta be good.

First-- We need to become direct actors among the people. We need to push for organized labor, universal health care and education. Like the Jackson County Democratic Party in the late 19th century, we need to be seen as being four-square for the interests of the working person, and we need to support their aspirations for their childern, and their hope for a secure later life. We need to fill the gaps left by the criminal Rethuglican mis-administration any way we can. And we need to stamp the powdered milk carton-- this life saving food is a gift of the Democratic Party. This bus pass so that you can get to work this week is provided by the Democratic Party of (insert state name here). And any business that contributes gets to stuff a flyer in the package, as it were.

Just who's going to pay for this? They can't rely on private donations to pay for everything and local Republicans sure aren't going to go along with this. And Jackson County, Missouri was home to the Pendergast Democratic Party machine, as crooked as anything you could find at Tammany Hall in New York City or in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois.

Sexond--Like the Hezbullah worked with Syria, we need to find our natural allies in the EU, Russia, China, and work multilaterally toward restoring human values and human dignity to government world wide. Canada would surely help us fight the good fight. And that brings us to the actual fight. I am not advocating assasination or terror, but I do think the time has come for individuals to defect from our corporatist terror state. You don't create Democracy at the point of a gun. You create democracies elsewhere by doing it right here. They don't hate us for our freedom, they hate us because we are free to prevent corporations from subverting their governments, and we do not. The Hezbullah shell the Israelis as a deliberate provocation. Then, when the Israelis roll accross the border again, they cannot repel them, but they can wear them down. And boy, Lebanon was the mother of all debacles, it may have even slowed the invasion of Iran by a week or two.

More importantly, they force the Israeli government to show itself for the terror state that the Hezbullah claims it to be.

So we just subvert our sovereignty to Canada, Europe, Russia and China. In exchange for foreign aid from them, they get to carve up the U.S. like a Christmas goose.

The non aligned world knows the difference between a truck full of Kate rockets, and the full force of the United States war machines in the hands of an amoral proxy. Was the Hezbullah right to attack Israel? No. Was the Hezbullah highly successful. Yes. Was doing the right thing better than winning? Here is the question. Who was the victim here in the eyes of the world? Our NeoCon oppressors know no restraint. They do not regard the nicities of legal institutions and they find the Constitution quaint. What, I ask is beyond the pale in stopping them? It is not up to the UN to stop the NeoCon/corporatism, it is up to us, the putative owner/operators of our government.

In other words, the ends justifies the means. And just what means does realpolitik have in mind?

The Rethuglikans will have to mount the GOTV effort of all time to get the election within stealing distance. They showed us how vulnerable these are last cycle. They need far fewer voting machines and much longer lines in republican districts. I predict a high failure rate in vehicles carrying red district voting machines. Many of these failures may result in spontainious combustion.

Mega-church busses will, in particular, experience multi systems failure, and lots of photo shopped photos of local pastors engaging in biblical behavior will show up around the web. A large number of jump drives with database tables will enter voting booths.

Vandalism, arson, extortion and vote fraud. Just what we need to bring the U.S. into the world of enlightenment and sweet reason.

Posters of Repug benefactors in bed with Jack Abramoff will appear in targeted districts.

Like Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Carl Levin, Debby Stabenow, Bob Casey, Jr...My bad. Those are all Democrats.

The jobless will be hired and fed to put them up on telephone poles all over. The Democratic Party Free Health Clinics will work they butts off. And voters will be registered, documented, and supported.

The unemployment rate, the last I heard, was 4.6%. Most of those currently unemployed are either unable to work (like me) or have done well enough in our capitalist economic system that they don't have to work, at least for the time being. The ones who don't fall into one of those two categories usually have serious mental health and/or drug problems, so getting a full days' work out of them may be problematic. Of course the real reason the Democrats keep losing elections may be because there simply aren't enough of them.

That my friends is what the Hezbullah knows that is really dangerous to the Barons of this new gilded age. They support the people, and they fight back. And guess what? They learned it from F.D.R., Harry Truman, and Tom Pendergast.

They support the people by usurping the powers of the Lebanese government and starting a war with Israel, then hiding among the civilians when Israel fights back, ensuring plenty of civilian casualties. But of course that's all the fault of the Joooooos, for fighting back when the Islamofascists start shooting rockets at them. How dare they!

It is time we do our part. Keep a wooden shoe packed in your backpack or briefcase, for an opportune moment.

What, so they can clunk a conservative over the head with it?

In fairness, there weren't very many comments and what few there were were mostly negative. Still, you've got to wonder if maybe there's something in the water over there in Blue America.