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Friday, September 15, 2006

Link Hopping... kind of like bar hopping, only you don't wake up hungover the next day.

Now I'm no Instapundit, but every now and then I'll click on a link that I haven't tried before and see where it takes me. Like this time...

I started out at Rightwingsparkle's place, checking out the latest in airport security measures. While I was in the comments for that post, I clicked on the homepage for Beth at Bluestar Chronicles, where I read through a number of her posts (including this one, about the commisioning of the USS Bill Clinton - heh) and reached this. Included in this post was Linkfest Haven, similar to Wizbang!'s late, lamented Carnival Of The Trackbacks. And there I found a couple of real gems.

The first was from Planck's Constant. "As a Muslim, I apologize" is just the sort of biting, sarcastic piece I wish I had the talent to write. An excerpt:

"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

As A Muslim I apologize.

I am sorry that my religion, far from being a “religion of peace” is in fact a barbaric cult that has changed not one bit from its savage, warrior origins in the 7th Century. I am sorry that Islam is as extreme and as intolerant as when our most blessed Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon Him, began to slaughter the unbelievers 1300 years ago.

I am sorry that our Holy Book, The Quran is not filled with instructions on how to live in Peace and Tolerance with our fellow man, but rather is a military code book filled with techniques in terror and a manual for the conquest of the world. I am sorry that if the faithful follow exactly these moral instructions the world will be but one khalif and there will only be one Law: Sharia.

Check out the rest.

Then, in the comments for that post, Tor provided a link to a Frontline interview with Khaled Abou el-Fadl, a writer and expert on Islamic law that is just the sort thing that we need to hear from all so-called mainsteam Muslims if we're to be expected to believe that Islam really is the Religion of Peace, not Pieces. An excerpt:

[How did you experience Sept. 11?]

... I was completely frozen for the first hour or so. It's as if I refused to believe it. I didn't know how to believe it. ... One day before, I was there [in New York]. In fact, I was in the Borders that was destroyed, and I stayed in a hotel right across the street from the World Trade Center. ... That thought went through my head: "We were just there."

The second thought was a prayer, a wish, a plea: "Please, God, not Muslims. [Do not let it be] Muslims who have done this, or anyone who is calling themselves a Muslim." ...

A fascinating read.