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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Time For John Murtha To MoveOn, The Sequel

I wasn't going to post anything on the Murtha/Irey race in PA-12 until I know...something new to post. But then along comes a fellow named Cliff Hancuff who starts posting comments on the "Time For Murtha To MoveOn" thread and before you know it, the game is afoot, as they say.

Here's Cliff:

"Swift Boat Veterans for Themselves" ignored a couple issues CRITICAL to our troops at war during the run-up to the 2004 election.

Oh, this ought to be good.

First they sat silent knowing full well that Bush NEVER USED the number of troops he incessantly claims his generals asked for. Turkey would not allow the 40,000 troops of the 4th to pass through and participate in Bush's invasion of Iraq.

Funny. I thought it was more like 18,00 troops. And that they did eventually get into the fight by sailing to Kuwait and entering Iraq there.

Second, These same Lookatme! Showboaters sat silent when this very same troop shortage resulted in America's greatest tragedy of the war in Iraq.

Which was?

EVERYONE who's ever gone through basic training knows that when you find your enemies weapons, you keep them secure.

Sounds reasonable.

Hundreds of tons of high explosives that our troops had captured at Al Qaqaa were abandoned specifically due to troops shortages, CREATED by Bush's incompetence in war.

One problem with that: according to NBC's Jim Miklaszewski, quoted here

the 380 tons of HMX and/or RDX that supposedly were at Al Qaqaa were already gone by the time he and the 101st Airborne got there.

These explosive stolen from Al Qaqaa are the weapons that have been used to blow our troops into too many parts to count each and every day of this war.

Piffle. Powerful though they may be, the 380 tons of HE missing from Al Qaqaa are a drop in the bucket compared to the 600,000 tons of munitions unaccounted for immediately after the war. Munitions that disappeared while we were trying to get the UN off its dead butt and do something.

When some pasty butt wimp, like Larry Bailey of, decides to pass his "gimme' some money" collection plate to support his concept of patriotism for a circus tent performance at The Cambria County War Memorial on October 1st of this year ...

Thanks! Pittsburgh to Johnstown is a nice drive at this time of year.

Some would say there's nothing more patriotic than putting a moron who's never given a hoot about our troops at war (or he would have spoke up about those 40k troops left behind and Al Qaqaa IN 2004) in his proper place ...he's a coward.

Admittedly, I don't know who Larry Bailey is. And I'm only vaguely acquainted with BootMurtha

but given your plummetting credibility around here, I'm willing to bet he's a pretty good guy.

To make matters even MORE entertaining, Larry Bailey actually thinks having John O'Neill, the original Lookatme! Show Boater, as his surprise guest speaker is a feather in his cap.

And I agree with him.

You may not like the stand John Murtha has been making, but for anyone who supports our troops at war, there's no way to respond to these idiot Swiftboaters' Reunion in Murtha's home town of Johnstown, Pa, than a chorus of Bronx raspberries.

Actually, what I don't like is Murtha accepting awards from a group that stands outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center taunting the families of wounded troops as they come to visit their loved ones. What I don't like is Murtha posing for photos with the same group as they brag about raising $600,000 for supplies for "families" of the "insurgents" in Fallujah last year. And what I really don't like is ex-Marine Murtha convicting Marines allegedly involved in a "massacre" in Haditha before the investigation had been completed and before he had been briefed on it. All so he can be the next House majority leader if the the Democrats take back the House this fall.

I hope this clarifies.

Back atcha.